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Exclusively for the Live Performance Model LX!

Glenn Gould's debut album of Bach's Goldberg Variations, recorded in 1955, is one of the best-known classical piano recordings ever, and the original audio recording has been in print continuously for over fifty years.

Now, this same album can be played live, on your own piano, by the Live Performance Model LX reproducing system, thanks to the pioneering work of Zenph® Studios, a North Carolina-based software company specializing in the recreation of historic musical recordings using a proprietary blend of computerized and human analysis.

Using Zenph's unique process, the details of every note and pedal movement in Gould's classic album have been precisely extracted from the original monaural audio recording and translated into instructions to control a modern reproducing piano.

Until now, Zenph Studios has released its innovative Re-Performance® albums only as conventional audio CDs, recorded on its in-house reproducing pianos, and the source material for these performances has been closely guarded. But in response to growing demand, Zenph Studios has partnered with Live Performance to release these albums in a high-resolution format playable exclusively on the Live Performance Model LX reproducing system.

Of all the player systems on the market, only Live Performance systems provide the accuracy, security, and consistency of installation Zenph Studios required to release its recordings for live playback in the home.

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