Track Listing:
  1. Tea for Two (3:15)
  2. St. Louis Blues (2:41)
  3. Tiger Rag (2:22)
  4. Sophisticated Lady (3:19)
  5. Humoresque (3:48)
  6. Tatum-Pole Boogie (2:32)
  7. Someone to Watch over Me (3:35)
  8. How High the Moon (2:30)
  9. Yesterdays (3:28)
  10. Willow Weep for Me (3:17)
  11. The Kerry Dance (1:06)
  12. Gershwin Medley (3:58)
  13. I Know That You Know (2:40)
Now Available
Exclusively for the Live Performance Model LX!

Art Tatum: Piano Starts Here is the second full-length album of classic piano performances meticulously transcribed from vintage audio recordings by Zenph® Studios. It is now available to owners of the Live Performance Model LX reproducing system.

Piano Starts Here consists of thirteen pieces recorded by Art Tatum at two different times. The first four, originally issued on 78 RPM records, are from a March 21, 1933 studio recording. The remaining nine were recorded live at a concert given at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles on April 2, 1949. These later recordings were made using early magnetic tape recording equipment and issued on some of the first long-playing records.

Thus, Tatum's incredible performances have long been buried beneath the limitations of early analog recording technology. The audio recording of Piano Starts Here has been released numerous times over the years, always marred by hiss, surface noise, and even significant deviations in pitch and tempo. In addition, more than two minutes of the Gershwin medley were inexplicably removed on the most widely-available releases.

Zenph Studios, pioneering a new process for revitalizing musical recordings, has finally lifted the veil that has clouded these recordings for so many years. All thirteen selections have been extracted from their low-fidelity audio recordings using Zenph's proprietary conversion process, employing a fusion of computerized analysis and human musicianship. The result is a lifelike representation of the original performance, down to every key and pedal movement, formatted to control a modern reproducing piano.

In June of 2008, Zenph and Sony BMG Classics issued a freshly-mastered version of Piano Starts Here recorded live at the Shrine Auditorium in 2007 using a modern Yamaha Disklavier Pro. The nine-foot concert grand reproduced Tatum's performances in the original hall where many of them were recorded nearly sixty years ago. The performances were captured in breathtaking clarity and released as a unique hybrid CD and multichannel SACD, including a binaural version captured from the vantage point of the virtual pianist, giving the listener a realistic impression of what Tatum himself might have heard while at the keyboard.

Until now, Zenph Studios has released its innovative Re-Performance® albums only as conventional audio recordings recorded on its own reproducing pianos under tight control, and the source material for these performances has been closely guarded. But in response to growing demand, Zenph Studios has partnered with Live Performance to release these albums in a high-resolution format playable exclusively on the Live Performance Model LX reproducing system.

Of all the player systems on the market, only Live Performance systems provide the accuracy, security, and consistency of installation Zenph Studios required to release its recordings for live playback in the home.

Live Performance is pleased to add this fine recording to the lineup of stellar high-resolution material available for the Model LX system.

Please contact us for more information on this exciting new release.


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